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  [Gallery Update] Events & Candids 2016
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Gallery Links:
· Events > 2016 > Jun 02 – The (RED) Supper – hosted by Mario Batali with Anthony Bourdain
· Events > 2016 > Aug 11 – ‘White Girl’ New York Screening
· Events > 2016 > Aug 22 – ‘White Girl’ New York Premiere
· Events > 2016 > Aug 26 – AOL Build
· Events > 2016 > Sep 07 – ABC’s ‘The Chew’
· Events > 2016 > Oct 10 – ‘Oh, Hello On Broadway’ Opening Night
· Theatre >White Rabbit Red Rabbit (2016) > Scenes
· Candids > 2016 > Jan 23 – In Park City
· Candids > 2016 > Jun 16 – In Soho
· Candids > 2016 > Sep 09 – 2016 US Open
· Candids > 2016 > Oct 18 – In Soho

  [Teaser Promo] The Good Fight
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  ‘The Good Fight’ Casts Justin Bartha
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Actor Justin Bartha has joined the cast of CBS All Access’ “The Good Fight.”

Bartha will play Colin, a rising star in the state attorney’s office and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. Romantic sparks fly when he finds himself going up against Lucca, played by Cush Jumbo, in the courtroom.

“Whenever you’re looking for a romantic lead, you look for someone who can play the comedy and the sexuality, but even more importantly is the intelligence,” said series creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King. “And that’s what we love about Justin: he can play all three: the comedy and the sexuality, but he’s also convincing as a tough intellectual foe to Cush Jumbo in court. We couldn’t be happier.”

“The Good Fight” is a spinoff from CBS drama “The Good Wife.” The new series, from CBS Television Studios, will premiere on the CBS broadcast network in February, with subsequent new episodes available on streaming service CBS All Access. It will be the first original scripted series exclusive to the service. Bartha joins a cast that already includes Jumbo, Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, and Delroy Lindo.

Source: Variety

  Jason Alexander and Justin Bartha Lead Windfall Reading
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The new comedy will receive an October 21 New York City industry reading.

Producers Ken Davenport, John Yonover, and Hunter Arnold are presenting a New York City industry reading of Scooter Pietsch’s comedy Windfall, about a group of work colleagues who have to share a $300 million lotto jackpot.

Tony and Emmy winner Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Fish in the Dark) directs and stars in the October 21 reading that will also feature Justin Bartha (The Hangover), Brandon J. Dirden (All The Way), Heather Lind (Turn: Washington’s Spies), Allison Mack (Smallville), and Tony winner Michele Pawk (Crazy for You).

The play had its premiere last summer at Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

“At a small data processing business in Columbus, Ohio, four coworkers toil under the heavy hand of their maniacal and deceitful boss,” according to press notes. “Desperate to escape they put it all on the line, betting every last cent they have playing the lottery. But the possibility of sharing the $300 million jackpot brings out the hysterically worst in these best friends.”

Source: Playbill

  [Interview] HuffingtonPost
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White Girl  is already getting great critical praise, and people are saying it has a similar feel to Kids by Larry Clark. Tell audiences what they can expect from the film.
Kids was a huge inspiration for Elizabeth Wood, and that was a peak into a specific sub-culture of New York City that was told so honestly that it shocked audiences when it came out, and I think that honesty and rawness is the pre-cursor to what Elizabeth would have done with White Girl. The big difference between the two movies is that where Kids took you in more as a voyeur into this world that you might not be familiar with- whether that be skate culture, or what have you, White Girl comes from a more personal perspective. And that’s not to take anything away from the brilliant Larry Clark, who is an amazing filmmaker, but he was obviously an outsider looking in, whereas White Girl is based on a white girl’s point of view having had that specific experience that the film is centered on. So, expect the honesty and rawness of Kids, but again, from a more personal point of view.

You have a tendency to play much nicer guys on screen. White Girl is a major departure from that kind of character as you shift over to the dark side- which you do so brilliantly and beautifully. Describe your character a bit for audiences and tell fans how it was to play someone a little more sleazy?
Thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say, thank you! My character is really the epitome of white privilege. He is a white male in his thirties and he is in a very specific power position within the world; he runs a magazine and has access to a lot of money and uses his power in a self serving way. He’s not necessarily unaware of the world around him, but he comes from and exists in a world of such privilege that he exploits others without guilt. And there’s a moment in the film where the main character comes to him for help and he almost sees her in a new light, a switch kind of goes off for him, he almost sees her as a real person, or human being for the first time. I don’t want to call him a sociopath, but the truth is, he doesn’t look at other people as human beings, he looks at them as ways to serve himself. He’s definitely a narcissist- but there’s always a sense of narcissism when it comes to white privilege. The big dividing line is awareness. You’re either aware of your privilege, or not. A big message in this film is identifying how privileged you are and where you exist in the hierarchy of power play within the world. And, of all the things the main character goes through in the movie, it’s interesting to try and pinpoint when and if she ever  becomes aware of her position in the world- which really always shifts, because she’s a woman. So, the character that I play is at the full position of privilege- he has everything at his feet, and because he is that privileged and choosing to not be aware of it, that is the ultimate narcissism. As far as playing a darker character, I’ve had that opportunity before in smaller movies and in theater and I always enjoy it immensely, but, unfortunately, when it comes to bigger budgets, those kind of characters aren’t represented as much or I’m not called to play them [chuckles.] So, Elizabeth was nice enough to let me spread my wings a little.


  happy birthday justin!
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Today is the Justin’s birthday and from here we want to wish you all the best on this day!

happy birthday justin!

  [Official Trailer] White Girl
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